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VNX CIFS top level directory permission setting?


Contact us to set up your VNX audit log.permission setting?

Current configuration
CIFS server
- cifsnas01\log\
- cifsnas02\log\

I am receiving logs this way.

- cifsnas01\c$
- cifsnas02\c$

I want to change it.
The problem is that there is an event log in the existing C $ (root directory).
To delete the event log(Event log set at the beginning of 3 years ago (delete required))
I would like to fix this and reset it here....

If you look at the server with an account linked to AD, you do not have access.

How to set Read / Write permissions to  c$ (cifs server top directory)?

The models are VNX5300 and VNX7600

Thank you

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Re: VNX CIFS top level directory permission setting?

You cannot change the permissions of the (V)DM rootdir

I dont think you will be able to delete the current log unless you disable auditing or switch to a new log and restart

I would suggest to use the params to change the location of the security.evt log and also enable auto archiving

Instructions are in the VNX PDF manual called Configuring and Managing CIFS on VNX

Re: VNX CIFS top level directory permission setting?

Hello ycjung,

As Rainer_EMC stated is what you will need to do to resolve your issue.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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