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VNX for Block SNMPv3


is VNX II for Block capable of sending SNMPv3 traps?

How to set it up in the template?

Thank you, Marco

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Block supports SNMPv1.

File supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 (based on the snmpd of the DataMover).

The MIB for VNX is already installed on both storage processors.

To enable SNMP responses, be sure the Single Notification for Multiple Events check box is not selected in the Action for events field on the General response tab.

1. In the systems drop-down list on the menu bar, select a storage system.
2. Select System > Monitoring and Alerts > Notifications for Block > Notification Templates.
3. Right-click the template for which you want to set up SNMP responses and select Properties.
4. Click SNMP.
5. In SNMP Management Host, type the IP address of the third-party enterprise-management application that you want to receive SNMP traps.
6. Click Test to test this response.
7. Click OK to close the Template dialog box

The VNX MIB, by default, does not contain every trap. This is because EMC allows you to customize the notification method for each event that occurs.

Useful Links/Documentation

emc171987 –MIB download and MIB information

emc282915 -How to setup/enable SNMP responses on the array.

To configure SNMP (including via navicli) refer to: Configuring Events and Notifications on VNX

For SNMPv3, refer to:  Using SNMPv3 on VNX

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