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VNX5400 and ESXi 6.0 SW-iSCSI and port binding


I was checking for best practices how to provide centralized storage on a VNX 5400 (block) (2 iSCSI IO modules with 2 ports each) to ESXi hosts (vsphere.6.0).

While I read in the VMware best practices (  multipathing that port binding is recommended to allow for multipathing, I found in the documents related to the VNX (e.g. that port binding is not recommended but using dynamic discovery only.

Probably, VMware's recommendation is only valid in the case of the target begin reachable via a single IP-address, which is not the case on the VNX..?

Please confirm that I still should configure the 2 uplinks on the ESXi hosts (respecively the portgroups) to be one active, the other one unused and vice versa.

Thanks a lot!

I found this discussion but it does not really reflect/answer my questions above..

Re: VMware - iSCSI - VNX - Port Binding Question - Single Subnet vs. Multiple Subnets

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We (EMC) recommend for iSCSI connections you use the following:


Also, please see the following white paper:

Additional, you'll need to disable TCP Delayed ACK on all the hosts using iSCSI.

VMware ESX host server, see KB 459336 - Why is ESX performance slow when using iSCSI?

I would also recommend that you change the IO Operation Limits from the default of 1000 to 1


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Hi, I use the next connectivity example for iSCSI to VNX or Unity:


Without port binding:

Use the next example without port binding:

VMware Training - iSCSI and VMware vSphere 5 - Method 1 - YouTube

Is good idea use jumbo frames (9000 MTU)

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