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VNXe3200 initial configuration

VNXe3200 initial configuration

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        VNXe3200 is a simple, yet powerful hybrid-storage system that delivers enterprise-class reliability and data availability. It provides a solution that is easy to install, manage, service, and support.

          This article will introduce VNXe3200 initial configuration.

Detailed Information

1. How to use VNXe Connection Utility

          1)     Connection Utility introduction

                 VNXe Connection Utility is a simple tool to help you assign a management IP address for your VNXe.

           2)     Download and install Connection Utility

           If you want to manually assign a static IP address, you must install and run the VNXe Connection Utility. VNXeConnection Utility will assign an IP address for VNXesystem.

                   As shown below, we can download VNXe Connection Utility from


            Note: VNXe Connection Utility supports all common Windows versions. But this software is only compatible with JAVA 7 and earlier versions.

          3)     Using Connection Utility

            If Connection Utility has been installed on Windows workstation successfully, after entering the main interface, we will find that Connection Utility has two ways to configure the VNXe system: Auto Discover and Manual Configuration.


          a)     Auto Discover

               "Auto Discover" is the way we most often select. This configuration is very simple, the Connection Utility will automatically scan the unconfigured device. Typically, we will advise the customer to turn off their Windows firewall and anti-virus software,otherwise the device may not be scanned correctly.


            When the device is found, we can click the "next" to set the hostname and management IP. You can choose to configure IPv4 or IPv6. Before configuring your IP, we need to set the local IP of Windows workstation and the management IP to the same network segment.

1-4.jpg          When the configuration of the hostname and management IP are completed, continue to click "next". After waiting for 10 minutes, the management IP configuration will be successful. Then we can use Ping to test the connection.

          b)    Manual Configuration

              If we cannot use "Auto Discover" to complete the configuration, we can use "Manual Configuration".


          Different with "Auto Discover", "Manual Configuration" doesn’t need to scan out the device, without directly entering to the hostname and management IP configuration page. After enter the appropriate information, and then click "next".


          After clicking "Save file to flash drive", insert the USB flash device to the primary storage controller. 10 minutes later, try to access https://<ip_address>



2.    2. How to use VNXe3200 IPMI tool

          Sometimes, we need to use IPMI tool instead of Connection Utility. The following content describes how to use the IPMI tool to access the VNXe3200 console from any Windows workstation.VNXe3200 provide console access over Ethernet instead of through the serial port.

         1)     IPMI tool introduction

         The IPMI tool is a network tool similar to SSH or telnet that interfaces with the BMC chip over an Ethernet connection by using the IPMI protocol.

         2)     Download and install IPMI

         We can download IPMI tool from


          Double click the package to install IPMI tool, it is recommended to install the tool under C:\ipmitool.


          Verify the following four files are installed:

  • Cugcrypto-1.0.0.dll
  • Cyggcc_s_1.dll
  • Cygwin1.dll
  • Cygz.dll


         3)     Client network setup\

         We need to prepare the IPMI connection network environment.

          First, connect the unplugged interface on the client to the VNXe service port


Then, connect the Windows workstation.

2-5.jpg          The BMC interfaces of the VNXe3200 Storage Processors are configured with EMC private IP addresses: for SP A, and for SP B. These IP addresses cannot be changed. The client must have an IP address on the subnet to access the SP console. And then, respectively ping the internal IP of SPA and SPB on Windows workstation. If the test is normal, we can use the IPMI to login.


          4)     Access the VNXe console with the IPMItool

          The IPMI tool communicates with the BMC, and redirects the serial console communications over Ethernet.

           A sample command is provided below:

                Ipmitool.exe –I lanplus –C 3 –U console –P <password> -H <host> sol activate


  • lanplus causes the IPMI tool to use secure communication
  • console is the fixed BMC username
  • <password> is the storage processor chassis serial number
  • <host> is the BMC IP address, for SP A, or for SP B


          5)     Check the controller status and set the management IP

          After login to VNXe3200 with IPMI tool, we can control this device. Running svc_help can view all user commands. We would like to introduce the following two commands: svc_diag and svc_initial_config both commands.

          svc_diag: With svc_diag command, we can view the status of controllers is in normal mode or service model, and the management IP address.


svc_initial_config: When the Connection Utility cannot be used, we can use svc_initial_config command to set the management IP and hostname.

svc_initial_config –a -f <name> -n "<IP> <netmask> <gateway>"

For example:

svc_initial_config –a -f NewVNXe –n ""


3. Summary

          The above content is the summary about VNXe3200 initial configuration. If you encounter any problems, please contact EMC technical support.

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