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Write Performance problem from SQR to Celerra CIFS share

Let me preface my issue by saying that I am not very knowledgable about the Celerra and how it all works.  I know what I know only from working with others in trying to resolve my problem.

I have an SQR that runs on a hefty Windows 2003 server against an Oracle database.  This SQR extracts roughly 700 MB of data from the database and writes it out to 2 flat files in small (70 byte or so) records.  Normally, we have the SQR write it's output directly to a CIFS volume that is hosted on our Celerra.  We reference this location in our scripts using UNC pathing.

A normal run of the SQR takes 5-6 hours (writing directly to the Celerra).  We have done significant testing to try to determine why it is taking so long.  What we have found is that we can change the write location from the Celerra to a local drive on the Windows 2003 server and the SQR will complete and build the same 700MB of files in approx. 10 minutes.  We can then ""copy" these files to the Celerra in 7-8 minutes.  This sort of rules out a database issue or an SQR issue and it seems that there is not a network issue as the file "copy" seems to run at a pretty good pace as well.  Everything is OK until we have the SQR write DIRECTLY to the Celerra and then it tanks.

I was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what the problem may be and how it can be fixed.



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