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How can I uninstall windows 10 and replace with windows 8.1


Please help! I have had a inspiron 5558 64 bit laptop that is coming up to a year old. When I bought it, it came with a few upgrade to the new windows 10 which I installed as soon as I started it up for the first time. Its always been slow and I am hoping that removing windows 10 and replacing it with windows 8.1 pro will help as this was the system the laptop was designed to run.

So first question is... will it help?

Second question... How do I do this? I know I need to back up my laptop. I have an external hard drive for this. I have bought windows 8.1 online and a link has been emailed through to me with a product key. However I keep hearing something about having to reinstall drivers.... but I don't have a cd for the laptop, and don't remember if it came with one.

Any help or links to step by steps would be seriously appreciated, Dell official support have been useless and have tried charging me a bomb for a) doing it, b) for windows 8 and c) for a disk with operating systems or something on them??

Thanks in advance 🙂

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RE: How can I uninstall windows 10 and replace with windows 8.1


There are many users that have been complaining about their Windows 10 systems being slow or lagging. You can surely reinstall Windows 8/8.1 back on your computer and some information is linked below to help you get it installed. 

The information below has helped users with their Windows 10 slowness issues. You can change the settings by following the information to see if it will help Windows 10. 

If you’re noticing Windows 10 running very slow, try changing the Initial Size and Maximum Size to the Recommended File Size for both.

– Open up Control panel
– Type in “Performance” into the search field
– Click “Adjust the appearance and performance of windows”
     (or Right-Click on My PC and select Properties)
– Open Advanced tab and click “change” button
– First uncheck “automatically manage paging file size for all drives”
– Then highlight drive your system is installed on
– Select “Custom size” (as shown on picture)
– Set Initial Size and Max Size to the value recommended by windows
– Click “Set” and OK
– Restart your PC 

Below is the information to reinstall Windows 8 if the above information did not help the slowness. Click the links below to help you get Windows 8/8.1 installed.

Windows 8 Support Information

Inspiron 5558 Drivers,Downloads and Manuals

Drivers Help and Tutorials-Drivers Install Order

Social Media Support
To help us troubleshoot, send us via a private message: Dell PC or Monitor Service Tag number
Out of Warranty Support
Where do I find my Dell PC Service Tag or Express service code?
Where do I post SA (SupportAssist) issue/questions?
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RE: How can I uninstall windows 10 and replace with windows 8.1


Download the iso file for the version that came on the computer and do a clean install. Your key is embedded so skip entering it at the beginning of the installation by selecting I don't have a key. Just Activate windows 8 afterwards.

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