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Windows 10 - bluetooth headphones connected with sound disappearing after 5 mins


I have a problem with my wireless headphones Sennheiser hd 4.40 bt. After connecting them to bluetooth, the sound dissapear after like 5 minutes, but device is still connected.

The main problem is after those 5 minutes, when i try to open Sound Settings there is error with message: Windows Shell Common Dll is not responding.

Sometimes it even cause bluescreen.

I tried to connected headphones to another pc (using same bluetooth adapter) and it worked without a problem, also when i connect them by cable, they work normally.


I tried to:

Update Windows 10 to 1903 version

Selecting Bluetooth Support Service as automatic

Using troubleshooter

Making my headphones as default output

Running sfc scan

Updating drivers of High Definition Audio


Any ideas ?