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Windows 10 home product key

Hey guys, Does anybody know how to recover the windows 10 home product key that was installed by default on my inspiron?
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Re: Windows 10 home product key

You don't really need it since a reinstall will have the license online.  But no, I do not know how to find the key.


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Re: Windows 10 home product key

Try calling Microsoft Technical Support.

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Re: Windows 10 home product key

Windows 10 Installation Media should automatically input it during installation automatically selecting Windows 10 Home. If not opt to skip input of the Product Key and install Windows 10 Home without a key. Windows 10 should automatically activate when online. Right click the start button and select Settings then Update and Security. To the Left Hand Side Select Activation. If Windows 10 is activated you don't need to do anything. If it is not activated install a utility called RW-Everything and select Access then ACPI Tables. The MSDM table will contain your 25 digit Product Key... If there is no MSDM tab then you have no Windows 10 Key... look for a SLIC tab.

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Re: Windows 10 home product key


So, if I am going to do a clean installation on a new SSD and I use the Media Creation Tool to make a bootable USB drive from the laptop, this will already have the key associated with this installation, correct?  I want to do a clean installation instead of cloning the drive since most of what I need updated is already updated via the cloud.

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