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PC restore failed

I have a dell dimension 5150, we got it in 2006 i think

I used to run XP, I recently decided to get the desktop back into shape.

I installed new memory, cleaned out a lot of dust, new printer screen router etc.

I like XP, and having been disappointed with vista (on my laptop) I wanted to stick with XP

So i decided to do a PC restore back to out of box settings, i've done this once or twice before and it had worked fine.

But this time it failed, really really failed. It ruined the os and the pc would no longer boot.

We got no OS disc with the pc so I had to temporarily install vista with my laptop disc and am now running Ubuntu.

There's nothing wrong with Linux but, I want an XP OS disc to get my PC back to the way I paid for it to be!!

I live in Ireland, and want to know how to get such a disc.

Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Re: PC restore failed

Contact Dell for your area and ask for a disc.  There are provisions for getting a replacement for ELIGIBLE users (I don't know what the eligibility is, it varies by region).  If you can't get it there, if you can find a Dell OEM Windows XP that is the same version as what you had, you can use that to reinstall.   Otherwise you will have to purchase a (legal) copy of XP to install.  

I have an E510 which is identical to the 5150 and upgraded it to Vista Home Premium 32 bit and it works without problems, although the E510 is no longer my primiary PC.

As you have installed a different OS or installed an OS from disc the Dell Recovery is no longer valid and the only option is to install with discs.

For future reference the correct install sequence is (1) Install Windows (2)Install Dell Desktop System Software (3) Install Intel motherboard chipset drivers (4) Install Device Drivers including Video, Dell sound driver, Ethernet, etc.   The Chipset drivers are key to a successful install and must be installed before installing device drivers.

Dell E510/5150 Driver Downloads

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