Reinstall Windows XP Home Operating System + Blue Screen Stop Errors

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Basically, I am not able to get through the install of the operating system from the CDs that Dell just sent me (XP home SP2). I format the drive with NTSF and it begins copying the files to the HD but some do not copy or are not found. Skipping the ones missing eventually gives me the blue screen of death.

Please help!!!

Back story:
I recently got the blue screen of death and decided to try the PC restore option first. With some tinkering (I'm not even sure what I did at this point), I was able to log back in and check my e-mail. I was still receiving the blue screen, though. So I decided to do a clean reinstall.
I tried buying a new Hard Drive, disconnecting the second HD, and all unnecessary hardware. I disconnected all peripherals but the monitor, keyboard and mouse. But I have had no success getting all files to copy to the HD. The CD doesn't seem to be scratched and sometimes it seems to get further and copies a file that the last time I tried it wouldn't copy.
I'm totally stuck and I'm out of ideas. I have a Dell 4700 and it's about 5 years old, but I'm not wanting to concede defeat that I need to buy new hardware, since it seems to power up and behave normally for the most part.
I've tried looking in the support website and through the forums but can't find a solution.

Also, I'm new to forums so I hope to not offend anyone by my post if there is already one like it.


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Re: Reinstall Windows XP Home Operating System + Blue Screen Stop Errors

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Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

Can you post some of the files that install is not loading? Have you used the Windows disk prior to current use? If needed click the link below to fill out the Online Backup Disk Form.

Backup Disk Request Form

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Re: Reinstall Windows XP Home Operating System + Blue Screen Stop Errors

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DELL-Jesse L

Thank you for your reply.

1. Here are some of the files that are not loading when using the new Hard Drive:

2. I have not used the Windows disk prior to it's current use. I just got it from Dell this week. Do you think the CD might be the problem?

3. Thanks for the handy link to the "Online Backup Disk Form." I hope to not have to request another one...

Some additional information/questions:
I am using a different monitor than the one that was originally sent with my PC. (2243SWX-DELL)
I have run the hard drive diagnostics (the one with the BIOS, I think) and it passes. (The new HD is a Samsung Spinpoint F1 320GB SERIAL ATA/300). I also ran CHKDSK C: /p/r after it being suggested at one point by the blue screen (no problems there either).
Is the fact that I'm trying to install the OS to a SATA drive a problem? Do I need to use the "F6" option to install drivers for it? BTW I don't have drivers for it and don't have a floppy drive.
I should mention, I've tried to install the OS many times doing different options. (with a partition, without a partition, quick format, replaced my DVD drive with the CD ROM drive (slave, I think), etc) Still no luck.

I greatly appreciate any suggestions on how to get my PC up and running again.

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Re: Reinstall Windows XP Home Operating System + Blue Screen Stop Errors

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Problem Solved.

I'm happy to announce that I am up and running again. In fact, I'm updating this forum thread with my fixed PC as we speak Smiley Happy

After some extensive web research I came across the website below that was very helpful in diagnosing my PC issue.



page 8 was quite helpful.

I eneded up replacing my 256MB of RAM that came with system nearly 5 years ago and viola I was able to load the OS. I upgraded to 1GB of DDR2 RAM which, lets be honest, was long overdue anyway.

I hope this helps whoever stops by.

Finally, I was just curious if a virus could have caused all this? Can a virus hang out in your RAM memory or something?



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