Windows 7 - clean install - Dell XPS 15 (L502x)

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Hi everybody,

I have a problem doing a clean install on my Dell XPS L502x (Service Tag: <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>). The major problem is that during the installation process, Windows 7 is missing a driver(s). The follow message appears:

"A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing. If you have a driver floppy disk, CD, DVD, or USB flash drive, please insert it now. Note: If the Windows installation media is in the CD/DVD drive, you can safely remove it for this step."

So it is missing a driver for the CD/DVD drive?

Anyway, after some searching on Google I founded this 'clean
install' Wiki: http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/software-os/w/microsoft_os/1434.1-1-a-clean-install-of-w...

According to this Wiki, I found out that the problem is loading SATA drivers. This laptop model has only two SATA downloads (SEAGATE and Intel). <ADMIN NOTE: Profane word removed as per TOU> far as I know SEAGATE is a HDD brand, and my laptop contains a Western Digital HDD so I don't think I need that one.) Just like the Wiki, I download the Intel-Driver that applies to Rapid Storage Technology. Unpacking R296901.exe gives you a small Readme file that says which files you need to copy on a floppy disk, CD, DVD, or USB flash drive so that you can load this drivers during the Windows 7 installation process. I have burned the files on a DVD. No directories or something, just directly on the blanco DVD. During the installation process I load the driver from the DVD disk, it loads, but it still does not work. Windows says "No new devices could be found. Make sure the driver files are correct and located on the driver installation media".

Can anybody tell me how to fix this? Which drivers do I need to load for this laptop model? I tried a lot of thing and running out of options now. Any help would be appreciated A LOT! Smiley Happy

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Windows 7 - clean install - Dell XPS 15 (L502x)

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That is my guide. That error message sometimes also appears due to bad or damaged Windows DVD.

First question what Installation DVD are you using?

Are you using a Dell Reinstallation DVD?

Are you using a purchased Windows DVD?

Are you using only f6flpy-x64 for 64 bit or f6flpy-x86 for 32 bit only? You shouldn't need other folders.

What language and what version of Windows 7 e.g. Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit with Service Pack 1 English?

Are you using a Windows 7 DVD you have made from a .iso image?


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Re: Windows 7 - clean install - Dell XPS 15 (L502x)

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The problem is solved now.

I have a purchased Windows DVD. I tried installing both via DVD and USB but got stuck at the driver message.

Then somebody on the internet found a solution by inserting both USB and DVD and then install it from the DVD-drive. Somehow it does work.

Thanks for taking your time to help me.

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