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MongoDB/MariaDB WMS backup/restore commands

Good morning,

Would someone know the correct commands in WMS to backup/restore the MongoDB/MariaDB backups please. The commands that Dell has provided aren't working.



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You can refer to this latest Dell WMS guide, by default DBs located in "C:\Program Files\DELL\WMS\Database".

  1. Open command prompt where the Wyse Management Suite database is installed.
  2. Run the following commands to perform a database backup of MongoDB and MariaDB:
    • MongoDB backup—mongodump --host localhost -u stratus -p <WMS Mongo DB Password> --authenticationDatabase admin --db stratus --out ".\wmsmongodump".
    • MariaDB backup—mysqldump --routines -hlocalhost -ustratus -p<WMS Maria DB Password> stratus > ".\wmsdump.sql".
  3. Use the Software Vault utility to export the Software Vault key from the current Wyse Management Suite server. To export the key, see Export the Software Vault key.
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