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PocketCloud Companion for Windows 2.1.1. Crashes!

Question PocketCloud Companion for Windows 2.1.1. Crashes!

Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have a small problem and I can't seem to figure out what is going on. Every time I login to my PC from my iPhone 4 my Windows Companion crashes. Now I understand there was a fix with 2.1.1 that fixed a service issue with the companion and I'm not sure what the symptoms were of that; however, my issue occurs when I end the session (or I'm dropped) and relogin the companion seems to be non-responsive. The icon remains in the tray and doesn't dissapear (much like other Windows software when it crashes) so I'm unsure what this means.

I'm going to re-install ... again and see if that solves the problem, but it did not before. Please find my system details below

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (Up to date)
Xeon E5440
Intel Skulltrain MB
WD Raptors in a Stripe

Please let me know if anyone requires more information and I'll attempt to assist in getting this solved


UPDATED: Upgraded the Windows companion to 2.1.5 and the iPhone 4 application and still the same problem occurs

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RE: PocketCloud Companion for Windows 2.1.1. Crashes!

I've narrowed down the that companion crashes when I use the remote file browser. I'm able to use it once, and then the companion crashes. Do we have anyone else that has this problem? Any thoughts? I'm getting really frustrated.

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