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Disable "Search Programs and Files" in WES7

Disable "Search Programs and Files" in WES7


I'm currently building a locked down image for our Z90D7 terminals running WES7. The devices are to be used in clinical areas and so need to be heavily locked down to the point the user can only access Citrix and VM Ware clients. Annoyingly I cannot remove the "Search Programs and Files" function from the start menu because when I try to remove "Windows Components" I get the "Your system admin has disabled windows features".
Does anyone know how the "Search" function can be disabled/removed via local Group Policy or Registry?
This may sound trivial but I need to ensure that the Windows setup prevents the users from tinkering with any settings.


Andy Turner,
Desktop Support Engineer,
University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Trust

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RE: Disable "Search Programs and Files" in WES7

You can turn everything off so it will not work, but it will still show up. I've found a way to remove it but it was one of the tweak products and the company did not want to install that on it base image for good reason. What it you auto hide the taskbar, make it glass see through, place it on top so they don't know where to, auto launch the view\Citrix we have done this and it works well, users call it the back screen because that is all they think it is 

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