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XPS 435 MT falls asleep, will not wake (yes, S3 is Enabled)

Older xps (~2009) primarily used as server runs on Ubuntu.

Shortly after boot machine will enter sleep, and cannot wake with mouse or keyboard. No matter what you are doing machine just enters sleep. Did this on Ubuntu 16.04. Does this on Ubuntu 18.04. Heck, the OS doesn't matter cause it does it from the BIOS too.

Have removed all USB's except keyboard.
Replaced motherboard battery.


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Re: XPS 435 MT falls asleep, will not wake (yes, S3 is Enab

There is a USB option in the BIOS but if the BIOS is set at default then USB is enabled and does not power off.

That's the only option that I see.  Maybe a corruption in the BIOS and installing it again will help but that's a long shot and dangerous since a failed/corrupted BIOS and the only option is to replace the motherboard.  

Barring the BIOS, it appear to be a hardware problem.  Considering the age I wouldn't put $$ into it and just live with the inconvenience.


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Re: XPS 435 MT falls asleep, will not wake (yes, S3 is Enab

How can a PC go to "sleep" when you've got BIOS open? Are you saying you get a "no signal" message on the monitor or...?

Sure it's not just overheating and shutting down to stop from frying itself? Are fans all working? Has the thermal paste between CPU and heat sink dried out? Is the video card failing?

BTW: When was last time you replaced the motherboard battery? CR2032 3-volt coin cell battery, ~$2.



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