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Battery swelling on 9550. Dell ignoring the problem.

So, like apparently many other XPS owners of different generations, the battery of my XPS 9550 laptop is starting to swell, lifting and destroying the trackpad, possible the whole machine and making it frankly hazardous if not fixed. This happend after approximately 1 year after purchase, i had it fixed and now 15 months later it's happening again. Reading all the threads all over the forums and the internet over exactly the same problem with this model points in only one direction - it's a widespread problem due to dell's poor quality control. I mean we are talking about a high-end superexpensive product where we expect only the best where it keeps occuring continuously. 

I understand that dell realizes this problem and offers out-of-warranty replacement battery for this issue, which is great and what you can expect. But to my huge surprise and shock this "offer", as apparently service is called, is no longer valid as of last month.

Which makes this whole situation kind of ironic since the same problem will occur every 12-15 months regularly as long as the laptop exists.

In other words the end-user is buying a high-end system but stuck with a problem we haven't created being out of our control, which we are forced to take care of if we care about our system AND much importantly our health, but we have to be on our own in this matter where also finding replacement batteries isn't an easy task. I can already see costumers being hurt by exploding batteries and sueing dell for serious amounts down the road.

Frustrated and seriously forces me to change brand in the future after being an avid DELL fan for years, but this way of treating a faulty quality control is just not okay.

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