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Dell Precision 5530 i9 + WD19 TB dock + 2 Displayports = screen flickering

Hi !

I have an issue with my WD19TB dock connected to my new Dell Precision 5530 (i9 version).
Of course this dock is connected to the laptop with a single USB-C TB cable. Two HP LP2475w screens (1080p 60Hz) are plugged to the dock using DisplayPort.

When both screens are connected, I randomly get some flickering on the screen (image vibrate, quick black image ...) and this appears randomly on one screen, the other, or both, and this is completely unpredictable.

I already:

- updated my laptop firmware to latest version

- updated display drivers (intel + nvidia) to the latest available on Dell support website

- update Thunderbolt controller drivers to the latest versions.


I tested with many Displayport cables: long, short, also brand new.


I tested both screen on a Lenovo dock, they are working fine.
I also tested both screen connected on WD19TB with Displayport to HDMI adapters and HDMI cables: no issue at all !

As soon as I plug back my screens with a Displayport cable this issue starts again 😞

As WD19TB is quite recent, do any user already reported some malfunction with Displayport ? I have checked, no firmware update is available yet for this dock.

Please advice, it's hard to work with such flickering effect all day long !



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Re: Dell Precision 5530 i9 + WD19 TB dock + 2 Displayports = screen flickering

I am having exactly the same issue and followed the instructions as in I see other forums with similar issues, but with different laptops and dock stations, and I followed those steps as well with no luck.


We really need someone from Dell to step up on this and provide a clear answer and fix.



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