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Dell XPS 15 9500 - games use integrated card instead of GTX

I have brand new XPS 15 9500 with GTX 1650 Ti and latest NVIDIA drivers (460.89)

When I play a game (eg. Diablo 3) it uses integrated graphics card (GPU-0) and performs poorly (35 FPS max).


According to the benchmarks, the GTX (GPU-1) should be performing more then 110 FPS on this configuration.

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Make sure the Nvidia driver came from Dell, not Nvidia. Dell customizes drivers for you exact motherboard. You will have problems if you install drivers from Nvidia. There is a new driver at Dell Downloads.

It is from Nov 2020.

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This system is software-controlled -- verify you've chosen to run the game with the nVidia GPU in the Optimus control panel.  Also bear in mind that ONLY the Intel GPU has a connection to the display on this model - the nVidia GPU is a coprocessor, not a discrete GPU, so the Intel GPU will always be active at all times.


I use the Dell driver for GTX now (452.41 / and the performance is still horrendous.

The FPS is capped to 33 FPS as if running on integrated Intel GPU even when I choose the lowest graphics settings.


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I got this problem too and I don't know how to fix it.

Hello team

I have this problem and i try to use dell drivers nvidia drivers. Do you have any solution? Thanks 


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