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Dell XPS 9575 Sound, Touchpad and Fans issue

Hi good people around the world, a month ago, I´ve bought my new laptop XPS 9575 with a great excitement booted the machine for the first time - Without a sound! 
I thought it´s fine... dirvers problem, sure update can handle that. Well, it did not, and it was only the beginning. 

Lets start with the SOUND issue

- As many people already reported. Lost of sound when unplugging headphones or just randomly sound disappears while watching a youtube video. (youtube video gets error message). After restart of the browser - YT works. After restart of the whole PC, sound works. 
After struggling with it the first week I finally found a solution - this guy . And it got rid of the issue with sound - Until last update. Then I highly annoyed did it again. But now, windows tells me that I already have the best drivers and won´t let me install it for some reason. Hence, it keeps going and sound goes off at least once every 2 hours. Is there any other "new" way to make it work? 

Touchpad issue

Touchpad is generally pretty ok, it is not as good as mac´s, but definitelly not bad! Except one little thing. When I move the cursor only about 3mm (roughly 0,1inch) and click it goes very often (90% of the time) back to its innitial position, 3mm back. If it happens once... fine, but at the point I´m trying to exit some tab or click on a word at MO and it happens 3times in a row, I´m loosing my patience....
Is there any solution for it or is it a hardware problem? 

Finally Fans 
Already found a topic about it, but I can´t get over it. Is there really no solution to use this 2.300euro 2-in-1 laptop as a tablet with quiet fans without downgrading the BIOS? 

I finaly sold my Dell Alienware 17r4, which was absolute garbage for the price I paid, but I went to buy 9575 anyway and give dell one more chance. (Just because I loved my old 2012 alienware so much and never had an isue with it). I paid so much for a hardware that has so many issues and I´m at the point of breakdown. Sorry If the message sound mean, but I paid so much for machines with that many flaws and it really does hurt. Please tell me there is a solution for this issues? It all seems like software issues and I don´t really want to blame hardware, which was obviously the problem with Alienware. I love the design of this machine, the screen, the speed and versatility, but restarting PC every 2 hours, not be able to use touchpad properly and unability to use tablet mode without headphones really destroys the experience. 

Wish you all nice evening

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Might try uninstalling the sound driver entirely and then re-installing it?

I am using BIOS 1.2.0.  I don't have noisy fans anymore on my 9575, and it seems to have improved my earlier touchpad issues also.  Have you tried that?

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