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Dell xps 15 9550 plugged in not charging

Hi all,

I purchased my laptop back in feb 2016. I have tried everything under the sun to fix this issue and it's very frustrating considering the cost of this laptop.

To try and resolve this issue I have thus far bought a new battery, replaced the dc jack, replaced the ac adapter, followed all troubleshooting points dell have offered online (BIOS update, driver uninstall and install etc) and nothing has worked. 

Does anyone else have any other idea?



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Same story. Same laptop bought Jan 2016. Bought new battery, ac adapter, dc jack, cmos battery, bios update to 1.8.0. Money lost sunk. Nothing works.....

If you are in USA you could consult with parts-people.com

I got genuine Dell stuff from them. Dell support takes 30 days to ship and have to pay a technician each time. Also in my geography they have terms which say that the replacements will be refurbished parts and some other unacceptable terms. So went to the above guys.

Will go back to HP or Lenovo next time. Dell was a mistake. 


I have exactly the same problem,  I did the same thing (change AC adapter, change battery and change AC Jack...but nothing good. I purchased the laptop August 2016 so the warranty is over....

I deplugged the battery and the laptop start and run correctly but if i plug the battery, it don't start at all.

What'S the problem ??!!  

I have already the message:  The AC power adapter wattage and type cannot be determ.. 



Same issue here.

Bought a new Adapter, battery and even a new Jack... all OEM of course... but nothing.

After a long long phone call ($$$$) with a dell engineer he told me the problem is in the motherboard, a dedicated circuit burnt. MB shall be replaced at the ridicoulous cost of 1,000 euros.

The strange thing is that from time to time the adapter DO CHARGE the battery (and it is recognized in BIOS). How is it possible if it is burnt?

They told me it is my fault because I didn't renew the guarantee... thats the POINT of all 

It is not enough to spend +2,000 euros, you need also to pay them an annual fee (looks like a lace) to have your property working , otherwise after some months guarantee expires it will magically break down

It is a kind of planned obsolescence

I am sad

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