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Monitor won't wake up after going in sleep mode

I wrote a question a few days ago but it was gone so I write this again.


I have XPS12 9Q33 model  and am suffering from 'unwake' issue.

I've tried several ways to turn the monitor on again but sadly still have black screen yet.


Status :

- LED light on Power toggle switch is on. (white constant light)

- Keyboard backlite is on.

- Fan works

- No screen shows up / External monitor unavailable (miniDP-HDMI)

- Screen test mode works (Power on with holding 'D' key)


Is there a certain way to solve / prevent this problem?

Please help me.



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I tried to remove cmos battery for 5minutes then put it back in but no use. No Dell logo, cannot load cmos screen. :-( Is there anyway to boot up as normal?
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