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XPS 15-9560, low fps, lagging

I am currently having the same issues. I have the XPS 15-9560, 4k screen, Intel core i7, 16GB of ram, Nvidia GTX 1050. My computer is saying that I am using the graphics card, but the FPS I am getting is suggesting that I am not using the graphics card. This issue should not exist especially on an expensive laptop such as this one.

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Re: XPS 15-9560, low fps, lagging

<started your own thread>

* Click my DELL-name and private message me the following information =
- Computer Service Tag number
- Your shipping address, phone number, and email address


* Does the Dell pre-Windows ePSA Quick Diagnostics pass?


* Go here. Are the latest BIOS, Intel Chipset, and Nvidia GPU driver installed?


* How are you testing FPS?



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Re: XPS 15-9560, low fps, lagging

Hi, I have just bought a second hand laptop which I have factory reset myself and have found that it is struggling with basic tasks such as downloading programs and light gaming. It tends to over heat though I do not get any warnings, the keyboard feels quite hot. The fans are also noticeable even when doing light tasks. In minecraft, I am only getting 20 FPS with optifine and a low render distance. I don't think this is normal and if it is I am pretty disappointed with this product as it is an expensive device and it should be able to cope better than this. I have made sure that it uses the GTX 1050 graphics card but it still doesn't seem to run any better. Any help would be great although I know this isn't the most up to date model.

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Re: XPS 15-9560, low fps, lagging

I had this problem for 2 years and only now I managed to find a solution, thanks to the community.

The problem is Intel's Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework driver - remove that and it will be fine. You have to remove it from the "Add or Remove programs" (or whatever it's called) and from Device Manager - all the entries in the drivers list. The thing is, at some point Windows reinstalls it automatically, so you have to find a way to block that or manually uninstall again and again. I saw someone posted a registry edit file that solves that.

Anyway, I am getting solid 80-100 FPS now. Just be careful with temperatures - I have now undervolted both my core and graphics card with about 0.110V and it's keeping good around 75C degrees when under heavy load. Another tweak is making the power plan management for "Minimum processor state" something low - like 20-30%, because sometimes Windows defaults it to 100%.

That's all!

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Re: XPS 15-9560, low fps, lagging

Thanks but I can't find Intel's Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework in the apps and features list... I have found it in device manager and deleted anything with Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework. I hope this is right? I'm still only getting 20 fps while gaming but the temperature has got better. I should be getting around 120 fps
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Re: XPS 15-9560, low fps, lagging

Welcome to the Dell Community @Youenn 

If you noticed after reboot Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework should have reinstalled it's self.

You could make sure it has the Dell updated version installed but I do not think it will help that much???

Intel Management Engine Components Installer:


You could go into your BIOS and disable "C-State" or "SpeedStep"

Experiment to find what is best for you???

This is something I do to all of my systems and images for deploying.

Go to “Advanced System Settings”

Performance settings#3.PNG

In the “Performance” box click on “Settings”

Best Performance#4.PNG

Click on “Adjust for Best Performance”

Then click on “Apply”

Next click on the “Advanced” tab.


Make sure “Programs” is selected in the “Processor Scheduling” box.

In the “Virtual Memory” box click on “Change”


Click on “Custom Size”

Set “Initial Size (MB)” larger than the “Recommended:” size.

Then set the “Maximum Size (MB)” larger than the “Initial Size (MB)”

Click on “SET” and then “OK”


Best regards,


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Re: XPS 15-9560, low fps, lagging

Thank you, this has helped a bit but I'm still not getting the performance I should be. Would factory resetting my laptop possibly fix this problem?

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Re: XPS 15-9560, low fps, lagging


I've the same problem with my XPS15 and I'm fighting with the Dell community since more than two years now. The only way I can suggest you is to open the Nvidia pannel, stay on "global paramaters" and looking for "power management mode", then set it on "focus on maximal performances" (I don't know if it is the good denomination). On top, set also your "favorite graphics processor" on the Nvidia card.

You'll reach ~30-40 FPS in game. It is not relly great, but always better than 10 FPS. 

Don't forget to reset the parameters after your game session, because your battery will not last long if you remove the power cable after that.

EDIT : Finally it doesn't work. This solution is unstable.


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