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XPS 15 9570, 1909

18363.693.jpgFrom 18363.657 to 18363.693

KB4535996    Uneventful installation and no known problems on this xps 9570 yet

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Sometimes things do work out...good to know!

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@IraFif you were on build number 18363 before, then you were already on Win10 1909, because 18363 is 1909's official build number.  It looks like you just moved your patch level up from 657 to 693.  The patch level gets updated from regular monthly updates.  But fyi even moving from 1903 to 1909 isn't a big deal.  Unlike all previous Windows 10 releases, 1903 isn't a full "upgrade".  It still uses the 1903 kernel, in fact 1903 and 1909 use the exact same Windows update files.  The update to "install" 1909 basically just enables some features that had already been added to the 1903 kernel but were kept disabled until they were considered ready for use.  That's why the 1909 installation is so much faster than all previous Windows 10 upgrades (as long as you're moving to it from 1903 rather than from an older release).

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The Update KB4540673 did show up on the Dell XPS 9570 unlike the previous update which showed up on the ASUS but not the DEll and installation was uneventful

Forgot to mention KB4540673=18363.719

Yesterday my Dell said there was an update 3/11 -->18363.719. Today when I checked 3/20 there was another cumulative update KB4551762 which now brought it to 18363.720

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