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XPS 15 9570, Touchscreen doesn't work when lid is closed

I am having this weird issue on my Dell XPS 15 9570 where the touchscreen doesn't work after I close the lid. If I reboot, the touchscreen works just fine, but as soon as I close it, it ceases to work. This happened after I updated to the latest BIOS, but I'm unsure whether this is the issue or not. I already reinstalled Windows, so that's not the problem. This is a very annoying issue, especially considering that I bought the more expensive model for the touchscreen. Any help is appreciated! If you know of a solution, please reply to this post or DM me on Discord at Topik#0001


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Dell just released BIOS 1.5.0, and one of the fixes is the "Fixed the issue with touch screen where it malfunctions after closing and opening the lid". I think SupportAssist and Dell Update are always a bit late to offer the newest updates.


Thanks for the heads up this appears to have fixed it for me :Yes:

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