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XPS 9520 5Ghz connection

XPS 15 9520


I got a brand new XPS 15 9520 and I have some issues when I want to connect to 5ghz wifi. 

The router works perfectly and the new XPS is in the same place as my previous laptop (which works on 5ghz very well)

I tried to install the latest wifi driver, bios update etc but without luck. When trying to connect to my 5ghz wifi I get an error "can't connect to this network". And that's it. Nothing else happens. 

I saw that many XPSs had WIFI card problems. Could this be the same issue? 
Any ideas? Thanks!


PS: I have the AX211 network card.

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Try the drivers from Intel website, always used them over manufacturer drivers and work's perfectly Intel® Driver & Support Assistant.  In fact I'm impress how the connection is good, even on wifi 5

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Also, it works on 5ghz mobile hotspot or if I move next to my router. Even if I do move next to it, I have to press connect a few times before it connects. 

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The 5ghz WIFI can be seen, so it's not like "oh, where is my 5ghz wifi"


You might verify what type of security you are using for the 5 GHz network.  Try setting it to WPA2/WPA3. 

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Do you mean what type of security I have set up on my router? 
It's WPA2-PSK.


The setting on your router may need to show WPA2-Personal and WPA3-Personal (WPA2/WPA3) since my 5 GHz network uses WPA3-Personal.  The both setting allows it to pick which one it needs.

Check mine is also using AES not PSK but that might depend on your situation.




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These are the settings I have. Looking good for me tho.

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I hade the same issue. Roll back driver and 5ghz worked instantly. I believe they fixed it in the latest driver update.

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I'm on this driver now: 


I had the latest one (22.150) from Intel's website. Should I install an older one? 
PS: The 22.130 is from Dell's website. 


The folks with the XPS 9520 are complaining because they cannot use the 6 GHz radio.   The AX211 card is a Wi-Fi 6e card but the specs on the system only show Wi-Fi 6.  Maybe this is all tied together.  

The bottom line is the 5 GHz radio has been around for a long time and should work normally.  The AX211 card was only released the third quarter of last year so maybe it is having a problem.

With the Insider program, I am on the driver which may be released to the public in the near future.  Just make sure your chipset drivers are up to date.  My current system with an AX201 is on 22.140..0.1 and it has never had a problem with 5 GHz.

You might even take a look at the Advanced settings for the card in Device Manager to make sure it is set for 802.11ax and any other settings you think might be involved.

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