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XPS 9570 overheating???

Hello to all,

I'm playing normal games like WOW and Rome 2 Total War in my new XPS 9570.

The thing I notice, especially in WOW, is that during gaming I'm having lag for app. 5 seconds, every 5 minutes, in which case FPS drop to 10-20, where normally they are app. 60-80.

I downloaded Throttlestop and the MSI tool (for GPU). I didn't make any changes, I simply noticed the temperature of both CPU and GPU on them. CPU was never above 75 degrees C and GPU no more than 69 degrees.

So here is my quasation: Why am I having this continuous lag from the first moment of the game, since the temperature of both CPU and GPU are below the point of thermal throttling???

Thank you in advance for your thoughts!

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Re: XPS 9570 overheating???


Click the links below to watch the Dell Video for gaming lag.

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Re: XPS 9570 overheating???

If you run a monitor program like HWinfo64 you can see many different temperature readings that can presumably cause throttling (undisclosed), not just the CPU and the GPU. In particular, check the package power and various throttling flags. The heatpipes and fins and presumably the power supply too are undersized to support max spec combined CPU and GPU operation under longer heavy loads (but you have to follow Frank Azor's tweets to learn this, as it isn't stated in the specs). Also look up "9560 thermal insanity FLIR". If you game, it is highly recommendable to put thermal pads on VRM mosfets. 

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