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xps 15 9500 constant reboot

So 34 days into a XPS 15 9500, my system has started to reboot constantly and when it comes back on it will not charge until I shut it down properly.  I have to unplug and plug the charger back in to get it charge again.  Then many more reboots to get back into windows properly.  Trying to decide which piece of hardware will cause this.

It happens when just in BIOS

It happens when running live Ubuntu session

It happens in W10

Ran all the diagnostics on the Dell website and no problems have been found.  Working for Dell or/and Dell surrogate for twenty years and owning many Dell devices this is the first device I have ever received that is a Lemon.


Any help will be appreciated.

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Have a DELL technician check for electrical shorts on the motherboard and or battery pack.. It looks like this was the issue in my case with random system crashes.. my laptop has been stable since the motherboard/OEM battery pack and OEM charger were replaced under warranty.



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No more system crashes since the motherboard/battery and OEM charger were replaced.. I had a short somewhere in those 3 components so DELL just replaced all 3 under warranty.. the laptop has been stable now for over 2 weeks.. no issues at all.



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 had this problem before on the XPS 9500 base model and solved it using this method:

This is for Intel integrated graphics models:

Go to the "Intel Graphics Command Center" and select the icon on the left bar with the four squares - should be called system

Go to the power tab and turn off Panel Self Refresh (make sure it is for both on battery and while plugged in)


I had noticed this either here or Reddit and tried this before posting to here.  Dell customer support contacted me and we tried everything they requested and determined it was a board issue. These issues were happening while viewing BIOS, running Live Ubuntu from USB and in Windows. The problem was deeper than OS settings.  Sending it back to have it repaired.  BTW customer support was great


Bought laptop Nov 2020. I am a zoom host and my job is responsibility to many daily seminars so imagine my anger and anxiety over my XPs15 9500 which kept crashing out of zoom!! With numerous calls to tech support who really really tried to help and tried different things UNTIL an error code 5003 came up during one zoom crash. At last my issue is fixed when the Tech guy said we’ve been looking in the wrong direction. I had Ethernet cable plugged in a dock (not dell dock) and he said it was messing up with the very advanced wifi card that comes with the machine. I presumed Ethernet would make it all more reliable. But NO! I took the Ethernet cable out, he installed uptodate drivers and my microphone is more effective, my mouse moves faster, I have not dropped out of one zoom meeting since. Hoorah! Lastly, I’d followed another comment which is intel graphic card then click system (4 dots) then click power then click stop refresh. I am the happiest person after a month of anguish. Please tell all!!!!

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@oldtndell Exact same issue with my 4-month old XPS 15 9500 (i7 10875H). The same weird scenario with the charging being disabled after an abnormal reboot. After months of troubleshooting, Dell-Cares recommended it to be replaced with motherboard. Guess what? After the replacement, problem persists! --------------- similar cases: https://www.dell.com/community/XPS/XPS-15-9550-random-sudden-turn-off-when-running-on-battery-ASF2/m... https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/xps-15-9500-reboot-loop.3677269/#post-22145983

I am having EXACTLY the same issues.. purchased an XPS15 9500 i7 back in early May 2021.. I have an external USB hub connected via the USB-C to USB Type A adaptor (provided with the laptop)..

Laptop will randomly reboot.. nothing in the Windows 10 event viewer just the laptop reboots.. after reboot the laptop is no longer charging even though the USB-C charger is plugged in and the LED light is on... only way to get the laptop to charge is to manually shutdown the laptop.. unplug the USB-C charger.. power the laptop back on and plug the USB-C charger back in..

This has happened so many times now I have lost count.. Dell has had a support ticket opened since early June and has had me run all diagnostics (they show no issues).. today it crashed twice (once during an important webex session).. I again contacted DELL and they had me update the BIOS firmware to V1.8.1 (Critical update that apparently just came out today (June 28th, 2021)).

They will contact me again tomorrow PM to troubleshoot the issue.. they are trying to say this is NOT an hardware issue but software related.. what I think they mean is their BIOS software not the Windows OS itself because absolutely nothing is logged in the Windows 10 event viewer prior to the laptop dying.. just an unexpected reboot event.. that's all event viewer shows.

As one other customer shared I have been using DELL laptops for well over 20+ years and NEVER had this many issues with a DELL laptop.. this is a $3000 laptop and it keeps crashing.. I am 2 months into my ownership and starting to believe I have got a lemon.. maybe under COVID they have been rushing units out of the door without the same level of quality control.. not sure but this is definately NOT good DELL and it appears 

A $3000 laptop shouldn't be crashing like this period.. either you have not tested this design correctly or you have a serious design flaw somewhere in this unit.

As a side note this is a DELL XPS15 9500 with the Invidia CPU.. 32GB ram and a 512GB NvME drive, 4K touch screen and i7 CPU (8 core). 

Anybody from DELL have any words of wisdom here because this is getting frustrating.. I am close to simply returning the laptop and demanding a full refund.



Wanted to share a quick update..

Typically my XPS15 9500 would crash about twice a day... currently I am @ day 4 without any issues..

Here's the changes I made :-

1) Updated the BIOS to version 1.8.1 (released ~ June 23rd/24th) so VERY new.. although the release notes for this BIOS version do not implicitly state ANY DELL fixes the DELL support rep I was speaking to seemed VERY confident it would fix the issues I was seeing.

2) I disabled c-state in the 1.8.1 BIOS.. Somebody else on the DELL cares forum had suggested this as a possible fix.

3) I have disabled the Nvidia GTX 1650Ti GPU using the Nvdia control panel.. as my CPU was getting crazy hot even under almost zero load.. reaching the 100 DegC on all but 2 of the 8 cores on a regular basis..  forcing the laptop to use the Intel UHD GPU seems to keep the temps lower but they are still VERY high so I'll be taking this up with DELL support as well.

Anyways long story short between these three changes my laptop has been stable with zero crashes now in 4 days..

I suspect DELL knows what the issue is and put some remediation code into the 1.8.1 BIOS software although they did not confirm this..

GIven I am no longer seeing the hardware failing I am also not seeing the charging issues I saw before..

I'll keep this thread updated and report back in another week or so.. hopefully with good news.

Hope this helps somebody out there.



I have been having this issue for a week or two...  Today I updated the BIOS to 1.8.1...

This did NOT remedy this issue...

When I allow the Laptop to SLEEP, then wake it up again, the Battery is being Discharged with the AC Power Adapter plugged in and active...   Laptop must be powered OFF, AC Power Cord UNPLUGGED, then plugged back in, and Laptop restarted to charge the battery...

I'm sure this is a DELL issue and I want to know WHY this all of sudden started occurring...  I've had this laptop since June 2020  (1 year Warranty EXPIRED) and have had no issues previously...

This is the 4k UHD version with 10th Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10875H CPU...

DELL, you need to FIX this NOW...


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Hey! have you solved the issue? what was the problem ? 

I've had problems with this laptop since i bought it and i'm now out of warranty (because dell tried his best not to let me extend it) and i don't know what to do now with this 3k paperweight


Hey! have you solved the problem or it still persist?

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