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November 25th, 2023 14:12

Alineware M18 R1 Unknowd or reported problems

I was eager to try once again a. ew experience with a new purchase of a well disputed subject - a notebook made for replacing the desktop.

Becasue I‘m not really a gamer I purchased one in Austria. Becuase Dell provided me with wrong DHL tracking numbers - even DHL told me that the numbers are invalid I was charged by dell with around 200€ for calling them (even that I was put on hold for around 30m without any human contact.

After opening several cases I was informed that the shipping is on on time and eventualy came late.

After receiving of the package I realize that the box was crushed but unfortunately the notebook survived. The unpacking experience was the wort I had ever experienced.

The notebook started and I immigrated realized that the Display is of poor quality or broken.

After contacting the Dell website I was informed that I am unable to return the device because I have Premium Support and this is for Business so I am not allowed to retun it becuase they are right and I am wrong.

What should I do ? 

Any suggestions?

some issues that I faced during my brief Alienware experience :

I am unable to use my Dell monitor because it has Power so I need to remove it after the reboot of the system

No HDR for a 3500€ device

No customer care - each time the problem was closed by Dell without a real resolution and no way how to append it - if you need another one we will close it the next day and forget about it as it is already closed!

13 Nachrichten

November 25th, 2023 14:13

Dear Radu,

Thank you for contacting Dell Customer Care. 

We are sorry to know that you would like to return your Order <Private data removed from public view. DELL-Admin> .

But as per the terms and conditions, business orders are sold under No Return Policy. Also the above order is a services order (2Y Premium Support and Onsite Service)

Please note that any product returned to Dell without prior authorization from Dell will be considered unauthorized, ineligible for credit, and Dell will be unable to ship the product back to you.

For technical related issues please log a call/ Ticket with our Dell Technical support team. 

If you need more help, please don't hesitate to contact us via the link below:

You may receive a customer experience survey where you can rate my (*** Deepika N ***) service as an agent. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your patience and support. We highly appreciate your business with us.

Please be advised that your request has been completed under case <Private data removed from public view. DELL-Admin>


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