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February 6th, 2024 21:37

What questions or advice do you have about 1x1 mentoring?

Please use this conversation thread to:

  • Share advice on mentorship. This can be for mentor or mentee.
  • What is a question you have about mentoring that you would like to get input, feedback, and answers from others in Soar with MENTOR?
  • Do you have a favorite quote about mentoring? Please share!

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March 3rd, 2024 22:34

Hello everyone! A piece of advice that I would give to mentees going through the 1x1 mentoring is to be comfortable exploring/inquiring about topics outside of the recorded session topics for that week as well. In my first meeting with my Level 2 mentor, we laid out the areas of development in my professional career that I wanted to discuss, learn more about, etc. For example, my mentor was in a leadership/managing role in her career, so I was really interested in learning strategies for managing large teams of people, because of my role as captain and president of my university rugby team. We organized a schedule so that at each meeting we delved into a different topic that I wanted to learn more about, and I found that it was really helpful to have that conversation to make the most of our sessions. 

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