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December 3rd, 2023 03:34

Aurora R15, Kingston Fury Beast 64GB (2 of 32GB) DDR5 5,600MHz Not Compatible Issue

The Dell lists the Aurora R15 support with the Kingston 64 GB (2 of 32GB) DDR5 5,600MHz memory RAM with XMP, but after I installed them I could only run the base function of 4,800 MHz. I couldn't turn on the XMP function to boost them up to 5,600 MHz either in BIOS or AWCC. I also see others could run their memory RAM up to 7,000 MHz, although perhaps they are not using the 64 GB memory RAM, somehow they manage to get them to work. 

The Dell reference for Aurora R15 is below:

Here are the links that others managed to work:

Does anyone know how to get them to work with XMP and help? Thanks ahead.

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December 4th, 2023 21:10

OK, I finally got it. Flash the BIOS to the 1.0.5 version, the XMP option still remains gray and unrecognizable for the RAM, but they can enabled in AWCC. Perfect and I'm satisfied.

Special thanks to @aryuss​ since his post helped a lot.

For those who might encounter the same issue, here is the link:

browser up and down around the position in this link, you will find out all the answers you wanted to ask and will make yours work too.


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December 3rd, 2023 04:40

Try clearing CMOS by disconnecting power, removing the CR2032 coin cell battery, hold in the power button for 30 seconds, then put her back together and see if the RAM will work,

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December 3rd, 2023 17:24

Is this OEM RAM directly from Dell, or purchased directly from Kingston?

The OEM has the exact same name, but to my understanding not the same SPD information.

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