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March 30th, 2024 12:28

100% battery drain after update to Bios 1.15.0

Did anyone have this problem:  I installed Bios 1.15.0 last week.  My laptop was fully charge.  I work for an hour or two (plug in AC) and then turned off my laptop and unplug it. 

Today, I plug it in and turn it on, and found that the battery was completely drained.  I look in the windows event viewer to verify that the pc did not start by itself but nothing happened between the time I turned it off and the time I turned it on. 

In the bios, it says the battery is in excellent condition.

I never had any problem with the previous bios.  I wanted to downgrade the bios, unfortunately, Dell prevent it. 

I am charging it again to 100% and let it rest for another week to see if the problem occurs again.

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March 30th, 2024 18:42

Are you referring to the m15 R4?

If yes, why would you install the old December 13, 2022 BIOS 1.15.0?

Why not install the latest February 6, 2024 BIOS 1.20.0?

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