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February 18th, 2024 17:00

17 R5, after sales, new keyboard

Why when a call the Dell support about a new keyboard for my 2018 17 R5 laptop, I get told I should source the keyboard myself? Sending me the part number and telling me I should try find the keyboard myself is not the type of support I would expect from Dell.

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February 18th, 2024 17:06

The first thing to realize is that on most systems sold in the last few years, the keyboard isn't considered a user-replaceable part.  Most systems require replacing the entire palmrest assembly, which will involve extensive teardown of the system.

You can either look up the service manual by service tag at to see what's involved (brace yourself first), and then contact Dell Parts for a price, or (assuming the system is out of warranty), out of warranty repair for a replacement cost estimate.  Dell Spare Parts is 1-800-357-3355.

Another source of parts (and repair) is

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February 19th, 2024 15:10

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