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March 31st, 2024 15:43

Area-51m R1, horizontal flickering green lines

Hey everyone,

This is the second time I have to post this, I'm not sure why the topic was deleted, since I haven't even received a message explaining any reasoning behind it.

I'm gonna try to make this as short as possible, I had a lot of details written about the issue I'm facing in the original, and I apologize in advance if I'm skipping some of them, but I honestly don't feel writing them all again for this topic to be unexplainably deleted once more.

Some days ago, while I was sitting idly in a game, the screen turned black and green lines appeared all over the screen. Since then, I cannot run any programs that are using the GPU (nvidia 2080), and said lines are all over, flickering, appearing and disappearing, doing their own thing.

I ran a bunch of things including uninstalling with DDU, reinstalling and rolling back drivers, flashed the BIOS, ran a bunch of diagnostics (including Dell ones), opened a restore point prior to the day it all happened and more, however none of it made a difference, and the diagnostics didn't find anything wrong. Also, I have ruled out it not being the screen, since in the BIOS, or the diagnostics tool out of windows, the lines aren't showing.

I just wanted to note that several programs, such as nvidia control panel and the alienware command center, say that there is no GPU connected/found to the system, and windows' device manager has stopped the gpu from working due to some "issues", returning code error 43.

I opened the laptop up to have a look and see if there would be anything visibly wrong with the hardware, but it all looks normal, including the gpu and its connectors, however I could be wrong, as I don't have the tools (or knowledge) to actually check in depth if cables, transistors and stuff are faulty.

One last thing I did was trying to plug the laptop to three different external monitors, of which none of them recognized the laptop, so I couldn't project the screen, however I know for certain that at least one of them used to work in that way perfectly, as I had done so multiple times before, one of which being last month.

Personally, this reminds me of some PSU failure I had to deal with years ago on a desktop, in which the GPU wasn't receiving enough voltage, due to few of the pins of the connector having burnt, and the screen acted in a similar fashion, but of course I could be wrong (and/or biased).

I'm not gonna get into details of how this was handled when I called Dell technical support, but let's just say poorly to give some context, which is why I'm hoping that perhaps somebody here could perhaps give me some pointers as to what to do next., with more information laid on the table.

Thanks in advance for any tips. I'll attach a screenshot of my desktop, to give you an idea of how the system looks like at the minute.

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March 31st, 2024 15:48

Run a screen diagnostic - hold the D key through powerup.  Do the test screens show good images, or are they similarly faulty?

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March 31st, 2024 19:57

Yeah already did that too, the screen is fine, the lines show everywhere except from the diagnostics and BIOS.

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May 28th, 2024 05:14

Your 2080 is probably dead, if it isn’t being recognized by windows.   See if you can force it. Go to Device Manager and disable the internal Intel graphics chip (the one on the motherboard).   Then, uninstall the Nvidia GPU and restart.  (If you can get into BIOS, feel free to stop and check if the rtx 2080 is listed there or if the BIOS isn’t recognizing it either).

 When you reboot, go to device manager again and see if the intel gpu is still disabled, and then see if windows is showing the nvidia GPU.  

FYi: on the A51m, I think the only output coming directly from the 2080 is the HDMI out.  If you use the DisplayPort output, the signal is generated by the 2080, but then it is routed through the Intel chipset before coming out at the DisplayPort port.  It isn’t clear from your post if you tested both ports with external monitors, or just one of them (I also can’t tell which one you may have tested, if you only did one).  That said, if you want to verify that your internal intel gpu is working, re-enable it in Devive Manager, shut the system down, plug an external monitor in through the mini-DisplayPort output, and turn the system on.  If you can get a picture on the external monitor when you get to your desktop, I think if means your internal intel gpu is working (so again, the most likely culprit is the 2080, especially if you cannot get any signal to the external monitor from the HDMI out).

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