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February 22nd, 2024 17:37

AW3225QF Freesync Premium Pro

Hi, I want to buy the new oled monitor but the specifications said that the Freesync Premium Pro by AMD is not supported. I want this monitor for my Xbox Series X and I don't want to play games with Stuttering. So my question is: there are any plans for future update to bring on this monitor the Freesync Premium Pro?

I see ROG on his new monitor PG32UCDM have that but they release on 22nd of march. So I need to decide which monitor I have to buy. Any answer to this question? I replay want a curve monitor, but without this feature i think I'll buy the ROG one.

Thanks for the answer

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February 22nd, 2024 18:13

No one outside of Dell's official channels will know -- but the safest course of action is to assume the answer is no.  If you want a specific feature on your monitor, buy a model that has that support out of the box.

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