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September 28th, 2023 00:13

Laptop stopped working suddenly

My laptop was working fine yesterday, but after an update, I booted it up today and literally nothing shows up, the keyboard lights still turn on and it even lets out some air at the start, but then its just the keyboard lights and a black screen, I tried connecting it to an external monitor but it didn't work, I've tried every single method I found on the internet, but none worked, any help would be appreciated, thanks

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September 28th, 2023 00:37

Hi Archaic789 welcome to this free user-to-user Alienware laptop discussion forum. 

Your opening post seems to say that laptop is unable to boot into the Operating System.

Please click on Product Support to reveal and share laptop Model and Revision number, example: Alienware x17 R2. Please include Operating System and Dell warranty status. Thank you. 

If Alienware logo splash screen appears, please F12 into Boot menu and run Diagnostics. How to Run Dell ePSA | Dell SupportAssist On-board Diagnostics (Official Dell Tech Support) - YouTube


September 28th, 2023 01:20

@crimsom​ Thank you, I found something and I do not know if either reseting the RTC or connecting it directly into the wall outlet is what worked, but my laptop is now ok, thanks

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