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March 26th, 2024 12:11

m15 R1, problem with mobile hotspot


I have an alienware m15 r1 laptop with the specs below:



16Gb ram

Killer wireless-ac adapter 1550 (9260NGW)

killer E2500 gigabit ethernet controller

I recently upgraded to windows 11 pro from windows 10 home.

I have a problem when I turn the mobile hotspot on. It gets detected by my other devices but I cannot connect to it as it always gives me "connecting failed".

I was wondering what might be the solution to this?

(flashing dns, resetting network configs didn't work)

I appreciate your help



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April 4th, 2024 13:10

Turn your Windows PC into a mobile hotspot by sharing your internet connection with other devices over Wi-Fi. You can share a Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or cellular data connection. If your PC has a cellular data connection and you share it, it will use data from your data plan.

  1. Select Start , then select Settings > Network & internet > Mobile hotspot.

  2. For Share my internet connection from, choose the internet connection you want to share.

  3. For Share over, choose how you want to share your connection—over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Wi-Fi is usually faster and the default.

  4. (Optional) Expand the Properties section, then select Edit and enter a new network name, password, and network band. Select Save.

  5. Turn on the Mobile hotspot toggle at the top of the Mobile hotspot settings page. 

    Note: You can turn on your mobile hotspot remotely if your PC has cellular. To allow your Windows PC to turn on your mobile hotspot, both devices must have Bluetooth and be paired.

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