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April 3rd, 2024 09:50

m15 R2, trouble with FPS, League of Legends

So currently I own an m15 R2 that has the following specs CPU and GPU =

9th Gen I7-9750H & RTX 2070 Max-Q

The performance in game League of Legends is not totally abysmal, yet the FPS shown is not what is expected of this machine either. I would usually get only around 110-120 fps across all settings—from Ultra to Low Settings (no matter what I change I would get the same fps), while I would occasionally get slight performance dips (90 fps). I’ve seen videos of other laptops reaching 300 fps effortlessly, while I struggle to get my machine to even 200 fps. Is there any reason for this? League of legends shouldn’t be that much of a demanding game; while my fps isn’t that bad, I want to squeeze out as much performance as possible, optimally attain consistent 240 fps. My friend owns a GTX 1070 that would even sometimes beat my laptop across games such as Valorant and League of Legends. Hence I’ve always thought I was missing something.

I’ve already tried everything possible from undervolting, setting my fan profile to performance and max speed, changing windows settings to performance, set League of Legends to use high-end graphics card in the Nvidia Control Panel, set my nvidia graphics card from optimal to maximum performance, and almost everything I could possibly think of.I tested the game The Last of us and the performance was very good, because I saw the game operating at over 60 fps when set to max settings. I used benmarch to test and everything worked fine. Is there any advice on how to fix this? Any help would be welcome, thank you!

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