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17-09-2023 09:44 AM

m15 R4, bcm2045a0 vive pro 2 driver issue

<Moved out of Alienware General - Read Only board and into Alienware Laptops board. DELL-Admin>

Is there a way to fix this please? I cannot seem to find a compatible broadcom driver even used iobit and outbyte driver updaters.

bcm2045a0 driver error

I already spent time to cloning and repartitioning just to dual boot windows 10 also with 11 only to find the same issue for both OS on this Dell hardware.

Appreciate your help.


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17-09-2023 14:49 PM


Below steps also working for BCM20703 Vive Link Bluetooth 4.1

On windows 11 go to Core Isolation under System

Then Disable Memory Integrity.

Works like magic I discovered when security issues popped up in my RoG Flow Z13 device.

Finally I can proceed SteamVR room setup

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17-09-2023 14:57 PM

Thank you for sharing update so that other users benefit from your solution.