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April 4th, 2024 20:57

m15 R7, fan spooling up and down repeatedly at idle

Got a new laptop couple weeks ago and noticed that the fans will turn on & off in the span of 1 to 5 seconds and this will go on for a period of time. Reported it to retailer in the first week and ask them to inspect, took weeks of waiting for them to handle it and they claim they found no issue on the fan itself and refuses to test further, and left me unresponded since.

The exactly same of what's going on in the video posted by this user:

I have also attached the video I recorded myself:

Would be great if I can get some info re this issue, so either a workaround to the issue, or some more disclosure. Can get the product exchanged/refunded with Dell or with my unreliable retailer:(? Thanks.

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April 5th, 2024 01:58

The graphics card and CPU automatically change the frequency according to your use, in the performance of the colleague will produce more heat, the fan will change the speed according to the temperature change, if the temperature rises to a certain threshold, the fan will start to work from the rest, when you do not work so much, the graphics card and CPU will automatically reduce the frequency, so that the heat generated is less. If the temperature drops below a certain threshold, the fan will drop from high speed to medium speed and may stop! It's all about saving energy and giving the battery more life when used alone!

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