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April 6th, 2024 18:43

m16 R1, 3rd depot repair in 15 months

I am sending in the Dell M16 I have now for the 3rd time in less than 15 months. I can guarantee you, I will not buy another. Shipping it out FedEx today.

1-Called in and report trouble system not booting in December 2023 shipped it to dell.

   They returned it with a new power adapter.

2-Called back in system will not boot March 2024 4 red light and 1 blue.

    Tech dispatched replaced mother board.

3-4 days later system wont boot 4 red light 1 blue April 1st 2024.

    Shipping back today via fedex.

4-Tech support is great I cant complain, its a product issue.

Total waste of my time, this unit is garbage. I cannot stress how disappointed I am with this product. I own 4 laptops 1 MSI, 1 latitude and 2 Alienware and this one is always a problem. I am praying the other Alienware I have wont act up.

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April 10th, 2024 02:34

I have the same laptop and can't upgrade the ram from 16gb to 64gb even though the ram I'm using is compatible according to Dell sales and the Setup and Specifications manual on Dell's support page.  The ram is brand new Crucial 5200mhz and I even tried 64gb of known good Gskill Ripjaws 4800mhz ram and had the same issue.  I'm guessing I have a defective unit as well.  

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