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February 12th, 2024 14:32

x16 R1, AWCC 6.x profiles

Alienware x16 R1

Alienware x16 R1

I have just bought an Alienware x16 R1 with 13900HK and 4090. It is a great pc, and I am really enjoying its combination of power and portability.

However, with this much power in such a small form factor, I am trying to optimise as much as I can. In addition to undervolting being disabled, AWCC has several profiles (balanced, performance, overdrive etc.)

From what I can tell, these profiles control fan speed, core clocks, power limits, power profile etc. For example I have noticed that the balanced profile caps fan speed at 82%.

Is there any detail that can be provided with regard to what modifications these profiles are making to the system?

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