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October 2nd, 2023 02:53

VRTX Link Aggregation

Hi Team,

     Need help that i have Dell VRTX with M620 Blade servers, R1-2401 VRTX 1Gb Switch Module, configured vLan and link aggregation vlan work properly but link aggregation when connect to blade os and lacp in OS also but not showing full speed. Anybody can tell is that issue i attached screenshot of that.



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October 2nd, 2023 14:45



Would you clarify what you mean by not showing full speed, as two ports in a LAG doesn't show 2Gbps? Also, would you confirm which OS is installed?

From what you shared it seems like the switch is working correctly if you can connect, so I would start with looking at the blade configuration and hardware.


Let me know what you see and if this helps.



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