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February 28th, 2024 06:53

Configure SMTP Server for SCv3020

I've a new unit of SCv3020 that I'm configuring. I would like to have email alerts sent to notify me of any errors. However, when looking at the Unisphere web UI, the configuration page is very minimal. There are no field to enter password, encryption etc for the SMTP Server.

When I run the "Test Server" option, it returns "Server test succeeded". So at first I assume it's going good.

But, when I tried to purposely generate issues (plugging out network cables, PSU etc), I can't receive the alerts in my inbox. I've checked the logs and noticed the SAN actually got a bounced back message "550 Authentication is required for relay (in reply to MAIL FROM command)".



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February 28th, 2024 14:22


can you try to use OpenManage Enterprise to monitor and send email?

Here the configuration manual

OpenManage Enterprise 4.0.x User's Guide | Dell US


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