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September 7th, 2023 10:53


DELL FS8600: Is FS8600 affected by CVE-2022-38023 ? 

Recently, a serious vulnerability has been discovered in our intranet AD. Will CIFS on FS8600 be affected after the AD upgrade patch?

Is there any documentation and related solutions.

Thank you!



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07-09-2023 15:21 PM



Unfortunatly I am not seeing anything posted externally yet, but I can tell you that based on what I see none of the FluidFS devices are vulnerable to CVE-2022-38023.  I am not aware of when, or if, they are going to release anything stating as much publically though.


Let me know if this helps. 



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08-09-2023 01:55 AM

@DELL-Chris H​ Thanks a lot

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