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June 10th, 2024 09:56

Dell Compellent SC4020/SC420


We have two Dell Compellent SC4020 in our environment with two Dell Compellent SC420 enclosures with 12 slots free each. My question is : Can a mixture of both 10K spindle disks and SSD drives be used in the enclosure free slots? For example 12 sas disk and 12 ssds or should be only 24 disks/ssds?

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June 10th, 2024 10:37


IIRC the base license covers 48 Disks (Compellents are licensed on a per Disk basis(this was changed later)) in the SC4020.  A Compellent was alway developed as a Hybrid(different Disk types/speeds) so mixing Disks is not a problems AS LONG AS you have the DataProgession License. If not than you will have just different fixed storage areas.

Your fastest disk types are go automaticly into Tier1, the slowest Disks are always goes into Tier3 and all other type of disks are going into Tier2.

Based on the Storage Profiles the Data goes from Tier1 into lower Tiers over the time.  Every Tier can have a different Disk Redudancy Level(RAID).

Our standard setup was RI SSDs for Tier1 and 10K SAS for Tier3.  In smaller setups there was just the 24 slots base chassis.



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