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November 3rd, 2023 07:25

Disk folder requires 1 additional disk

Hello, can anybody help me, what should I do to resolve this alert :

DiskFolderClass 4 2         Disk Folder Production_512K requires 1 additional disks of class 10K to satisfy internal sparing requirements     Alert      Degraded            No          SpareHunger     Disk

This tier is almost free, no raid rebuilds needed, redundancy is dual, no alerts if it has insufficent disks to support parity raid, but.. Warning is active, I want to understand - why?...




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November 3rd, 2023 13:45

Hi, I wonder if it might be possible that the warning is valid and you might need an additional 10K disk to meet your backup needs. I would try the following to see if it solves it. But frankly, let's see how the community contributes 

  • Stop the RAID rebalance if it is running.
  • Select the disks that you want to release and click Release. This will move them to the Unassigned folder.
  • Wait until the unallocated percentage of the released disks is zero or the disks appear as unassigned.
  • Select the disks that you want to assign and click Assign. This will move them to the Assigned folder.
  • Select the disk folder that needs more disks and click Add Disks. This will add the assigned disks to the disk folder.
  • Start the RAID rebalance to redistribute the data across the disks.


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November 3rd, 2023 16:59

adding my 2 cents. sounds like it does just need another disk added like what Dell-Ermno said. For example i have a sc4020 that needed 6 drives. 4 were in raid with 1 being parity and then it needed one more as a managed spare. 

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November 9th, 2023 11:48

thanks for your answers.

I understand, that it wants new disk but I can't understand - why?

couple years ago we had active optimize contract with dell and our manager told me that SC can lose many disks. the most important thing is to have enough free space for rebuild and to support selected redundancy. but actually after 1 disk is lost and removed from service I see warning.. so where is the truth and what should I do? just mark warning as anknowleged?


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09-11-2023 03:17 PM

Hi, honestly I'm stuck at this point so I recommend contacting the storage team support to look at the support logs to identify any issues. I reviewed it but I'm not a compollent expert, unfortunately. You might need to update SCOS or SC8000 doesn't recognize the drive model somehow. Managing Disks and Disk Folders draws my attention that could be release some disks from the disk folder and assign them to another disk folder. Dell Compellent SC4020 : Administrator Guide : Page 261 ( 

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