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November 26th, 2023 18:40

Need Storage Center software to install on SC 8000

I recently purchased a used Dell Compellent SC 8000 and it did not come with the hdd and OS. I need to install the Storage Center on it, but I cannot find the download of the software on the SC 8000 drivers and download support page.

Where can I download the Storage Center software for installing on the SC 8000?

I requested for the hardware to be transferred ownership to me. Waiting for that to complete.



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November 27th, 2023 03:33

Hello, thanks for choosing Dell.

Please get in touch with the previous owner to ask for the account information. It's the only way.


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November 27th, 2023 17:46

For SC8000 you wont be able to find like ISO like other operating systems. you may be able to get a another msata drive on ebay that came from another SC8000, but then you will run into licensing issues and it may not always be compatible. 

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