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March 13th, 2023 19:00


Hi everyone!

I have a question about SNMP in the 300B product, so I'm asking.

300B Version : 6.4.1a

1. What is the difference between snmpv1 / snmpv3?

2. In the case of building, there was no documentation. If so, what is the procedure for building with snmpv1?



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March 14th, 2023 02:00

please see the below:-

SNMPv1 is the first version of SNMP. It's easy to set up, as it only requires a plain text community.

Although it accomplished its goal of being an open, standard protocol, it was found to be lacking in key areas for certain managing applications. For example, it only supports 32-bit counters and has poor security features - a community string is the only security method in the SNMPv1.

SNMP version 3 supports authentication and encryption. This means that SNMP data cannot be read after capture, and only authorized users can access specific object identifiers. However, the additional security methods make SNMPv3 more complex and challenging to configure.

Full Link to understand  SNMP:-

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