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December 14th, 2015 11:00

A tale of two switches


At our DR site we have not purchased a Director Class switch for our environment. Instead, we have purchased two pairs(4) of MDS 9148s for our arrays, servers, data domain, etc.

The configuration would be two fabrics, 1 pair for VSAN 100 fabric A, the other pair for VSAN 200 fabric B.

I have DCNM installed and I can see the see pair, 1a, 1b as the fabric(s) defined.

1a, 1b have redundant paths for the VNX, Recover Point and Data domain ports. I would like the 2a/2b side to host the servers that I can zone to the storage array.

My question is can I make the first switch 1a, the principal, and the 2nd (2a) edge the subordinate by creating an ISL link between the two. I would like both switches in the same vsan(1a, 2a, vsan100), 1b,2b(vsan 200).

I have only done this using the core-edge topology so I wasn't sure if I an do this with edge-edge.

Thank you in advance


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December 14th, 2015 13:00

copy and paste from the Cisco forum ..or did you post here first ?


why do you care about principal role, if one of the switches fails, that role will be assumed by the other switch in the fabric.

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December 15th, 2015 12:00

Thank you Dynamox! I can't remember where I posted this first, but yes, I did a cut and paste!


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December 16th, 2015 08:00

So a couple of strange things happened. I created the ISL between the two switches. It came up, however, the new switch thinks it the principal. This looks odd in fabric manager since I downloaded dcnm and made the seed switch the first of each pair since those were the original switches with the zoneset(1a, 1b). Even though I said to enable the full zoneset, and it sees it in the running config when I do a show zoneset, nothing shows up. I see a clear zoneset issued with the running config which is odd. This is also how it looks in DCNM. strange.PNG.png

zoneset distribute full vsan 2

!Active Zone Database Section for vsan 2

zone name RPZONE1 vsan 2

    member pwwn 50:06:01:60:08:60:20:bb

!               [VNX5700DRSPAP0]

    member pwwn 50:01:24:81:00:6c:71:f7

!               [RPA2C1P3]

    member pwwn 50:01:24:81:00:6c:7c:2b

!               [RPA1C1P3]

zone name RPZONE2 vsan 2

    member pwwn 50:06:01:6b:08:60:20:bb

!               [VNX5700DRSPBP3]

    member pwwn 50:01:24:81:00:6c:71:f7

!               [RPA2C1P3]

    member pwwn 50:01:24:81:00:6c:7c:2b

!               [RPA1C1P3]

zone name RPZONE3 vsan 2

    member pwwn 50:06:01:61:08:60:20:bb

!               [VNX5700DRSPAP1]

    member pwwn 50:01:24:81:00:6c:7c:2a

!               [RPA1C1P2]

    member pwwn 50:01:24:81:00:6c:71:f6

!               [RPA2C1P2]

zone name RPZONE4 vsan 2

    member pwwn 50:06:01:6a:08:60:20:bb

!               [VNX5700DRSPBP2]

    member pwwn 50:01:24:81:00:6c:7c:2a

!               [RPA1C1P2]

    member pwwn 50:01:24:81:00:6c:71:f6

!               [RPA2C1P2]

zoneset name DRZONESVSAN2 vsan 2

    member RPZONE1

    member RPZONE2

    member RPZONE3

    member RPZONE4

zoneset activate name DRZONESVSAN2 vsan 2

do clear zone database vsan 2

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December 16th, 2015 11:00

Reset the priority so now the right switch is the principal, however, I am still seeing that error in DCNM and the zoneset did not distribute.

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December 16th, 2015 11:00

I think I know the issue, the passwords/id is not the same for the two pairs of switches.

Will change it.

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