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November 6th, 2019 08:00

Can I ISL between FOS versions v7.2.1d and 8.1.1

Hopefully someone will reply


I have Brocade 5300 with FOS v7.2.1d

I just purchased 6510 with FOS 8.1.1 pre-installed on it


1. Is it safe to create the ISL between the 2 different FOS Levels (v7.2.1d and 8.1.1)?

2. Assuming v7.2.1d is compatible with 8.1.1 then will it continue to work if i upgrade the 6510 to a higher FOS such as 8.2?

Thank you for your help

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November 8th, 2019 00:00


The DS-5300B is End of support since 31/07/2019.

It might work, but if there is a problem you will not be supported.

For migration purposes, I would upgrade the 5300B to 7.4.2.d first (stepped upgrade) then ISL and move of the 5300B as soon as you can.


Ed Schulte

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January 10th, 2020 08:00

Really appreciate your reply 

I found this info in release notes v7.4.2d_ReleaseNotes_v3.0.pdf, which states:

Migrating from FOS v7.2
1• Any 8G or 16G platform operating at FOS v7.2.x must be upgraded to FOS v7.3.x before upgrading to FOS

2• Disruptive upgrade to FOS v7.4.2d from FOS v7.2 is not supported.


First Question is FOS v7.3.x still available to download from somewhere? If not then I won't be able to perform a stepped upgrade    v7.2.1d ===>    FOS v7.3. ===>    FOS v7.4.2d    right?

and for the 2nd item which says (2• Disruptive upgrade to FOS v7.4.2d from FOS v7.2 is not supported.)  

.. Meaning i will have to do a disruptive upgrade. I guess disruptive upgrade is possible if i go directly from v7.2.1d ===> FOS v7.4.2d  but is NOT supported by support (but then 5300 is no longer supported anyway)   

So 2nd question will a direct upgrade from v7.2.1d ===> FOS v7.4.2d  cause a disruption? I have dual paths to everything so probably will be able to do it without any downtime.

Once again I really appreciate the reply

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